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Core Values

Our core values are exactly what they sound like: they are the heart of AFS and lead us on everything we do.

You've "seen it all" and so have we, which is why our founders made the decision to create a company that held itself to higher standards than any of the competition, not just with words but with measurable actions. Today’s successful partnerships demand everyone to be better - we are because our core values drive our core goals, which is not to be the biggest or most profitable, but to be the best for our people and clients.

  • Open & Honest Dialog

    •  Single point of contact

    • No false promises

    • Direct and candid conversations

  • Complete Transparency

    • ​​​Breakdown of all pricing processes

    • Quarterly business reviews

  • Taking Responsibility

    • Ownership in all aspects of the business, "No Excuses"

  • Commitment to People & Results

    • Knowledge of the client's culture and expectations

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