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Benefits of Outsourcing to Alliance Facility Services

Outsourcing your janitorial / facility service needs can be a challenging and daunting experience, so it’s imperative a company chooses the right provider, the right partner, who understands their industry. The saying “One Size Fits All” does not apply when looking for a partner in the janitorial / facility management field. The truth is not every janitorial company is poised to meet every client’s needs or are not willing to make the required changes they would have to make to meet those needs. But we, at AFS, feel we are the right partner and offer an assortment of services that fit almost everyone’s needs.


There are numerous benefits for a company to decide to outsource their janitorial / facility needs, the following are just a few:

  • Outsourcing to a professional janitorial / facility service company is cost-effective:

    • Gets more done in less time.

    • Procures optimal pricing on equipment, supplies and consumable products.

    • Eliminates the cost of recruiting, screening, hiring, and training along with the cost of benefits and human resources needed to manage facility service employees.

    • Transfers the liability and insurance costs for these services to the provider.

      • Janitorial and Facility services have specific liabilities associated with the work being completed based on the scope of the services. Outsourcing providers insure their own employees and can even add the client to their contractor's policy.


  • Outsourcing allows the company to develop and maintain a consistent level of service and standards throughout all their locations:

    • Customized Scope of Services and Standards

    • A consistent well-maintained, healthy, and safe environment provides for a more efficient and happier staff.


  • Outsourcing allows the management team to streamline their workload and shift focus to other key areas of the business and away from minor facility duties such as:

    • Restocking of consumable products (toilet paper, soap, paper towels etc.)

    • Replacing lightbulbs

    • Repairing / Replacing product dispensers

    • Air vent maintenance, high dusting, and other miscellaneous activities


  • Outsourcing allows you to have a vast source of knowledge of janitorial / facility services at your fingertips without having to do research:

    • How to address Biohazards, Health and Safety Concerns within the required state and federal guidelines. (Viral, excrement, fluid, spills etc.)

    • What types of equipment and/or supplies, along with frequency of service is needed to maintain your facilities flooring, whether VCT, concrete, carpet etc.


AFS is prepared to address and support you on all the benefits listed above and many more. ‘Alliance’ is designed and built to be a true business partner who doesn’t stop looking for new creative ways to improve our overall performance while reducing your cost once the original contract is signed. We continue to work hard throughout our relationship to develop new initiatives, concepts and processes designed to help you and your overall goals.

AFS’s Offers Several Benefits as a Standard General Practice;

  • A designated communication portal, a single point of contact, and a committed team for each account. (One-Stop-Shop Partnership)

  • Customize the Scope of Work, Frequency of Service, and Develop the Best Practices for each individualized client based solely on their specialized needs.

  • Emergency response (24/7) to an assortment of incidents (biohazard, bodily fluid clean ups, water extraction, etc.)

  • A single partner on all avenues of Facility Maintenance.

  • Customized electronic / cloud-based quality control inspections and metrics (KPI).

  • Open & Honest Dialog with Complete Transparency on the pricing processes.

  • Our “No Excuses Just Results” Mission Statement is not just a motto it is our Mantra!

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