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Executive Introduction

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Jeff Conner, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff brings to AFS over 25 years of national experience most recently managing $72 million in annual revenue with the most reputable companies throughout North America. In 2018 Jeff saw an opportunity to further his core service delivery beliefs and became CEO of Alliance Facility Services.


William Childs, President/CFO

William brings to AFS over 30 years of leadership experience and has held senior leadership positions with retail companies before settling into his facility management career in 2008 managing national and global accounts with annual revenues exceeding $65 million, designing and managing corporate directives / initiatives and leading the operational team of the North American portfolio for one of the largest facilities management companies in the world.

Christi Bartke, Chief Operating Officer


Christi brings to AFS 35 years of leadership and management experience. Christi operated her own business for 15 years, then expanded her career path to both Residential Property and Facilities Management. She has been responsible for managing National and Global accounts with annual revenues exceeding $20 million, managing the customer’s overall experience and satisfaction while assisting with the growth and development of the operational team for the North American portfolio with her previous company.

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