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How do we do it?

Anyone can lowball a quote and often do, just to be awarded your business, but this is no “bait and switch” as we believe in long term partnerships and put our people and our clients before profits because in this industry, during these challenging times, we precisely know the needs of others must be placed before our own.

We don’t have an expectation that so many other companies have for high margins; we have to have a margin of course, but it’s not our top priority like with other companies because Alliance Facility Services is an independently owned, family based, people first company. Which means unlike other large facility management companies in the industry, we’re not held to shareholders or have a policy of putting ourselves in financial situations that make us incur and/or maintain debts and expenditures to which we need high quotes to receive high margins. Simply put, AFS doesn’t have to payback shareholders or excessive monthly debt. We are able to streamline our corporate office functions and operational costs, allowing us to have a lower than average overhead, which in turn allows us to help you have a better bottom line. 

We have over 80 years of collective experience custom designing service programs that are tailored to the exact portfolios of each individual client and working side-by-side with our partners/employees throughout the United States. We have unprecedented knowledge into what it takes to combine quality work with the cost saving expectations our clients.

We guarantee our new clients a savings off their current budget/ bottom-line when there is open and honest dialog with transparency. This type of relationship allows us to work closely with our new clients to accomplish a common goal of exceptional service at affordable prices.

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